NEWS: Student Program Surveys

ACE needs feedback from our students to improve our program. YOU can help! The links below allow you to completer the student ONLINE surveys (which are anonymous - no names, please) and return them to the ACE Office for a raffle drawing for a $50 VISA GIFT CARD! Please complete as many of the surveys that apply to you as possible.  Remember to print out the "thank you" page and WRITE your name on it.  The "thank you" page is the one that will be entered into the raffle - the surveys themselves are all nameless. The survey window will be open until FEBRUARY 8th and will be announced in the bulletin.  It is a privilege to have this opportunity so please take it seriously...

We will use the same instruments at the end of the spring semester - with another raffle prize!!!

Student Survey Part 1 - Program Experience Evaluation Link

Student Survey Part 2 Instructor /Course Evaluation  Link

Senior Survey Link

ACE Female Survey Link


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The mission of the ACE Academy is to provide students an opportunity to explore construction, architecture, and engineering careers through contextual, hands-on, and rigorous curriculum that prepares students for direct entry into college, apprenticeship programs, and future careers.

  • The ACE Academy is a school-within-a-school program funded through the Long Beach Unified School District, City of Long Beach, and multiple industry and community partners. The ACE Academy prepares students for the high demands and challenges of conceptualizing, designing, building and maintaining structures.  In addition, students will sharpen their soft skills and build a personal resume including work experience.
  • The ACE Academy curriculum is designed to prepare students for college and for entry-level careers in architecture, construction and engineering related fields
  • ACE Academy teachers work as a team in planning, teaching, and participating in ACE activities.
  • ACE students are provided instruction in academic subjects that contribute to an understanding of architecture, construction, trades, engineering fields, and technical science-related “laboratory” classes.  Core academy classes are restricted to academy students.
  • The ACE Academy currently receives special funding to provide tutors, field trips, guest speakers, and many other motivational materials and activities.
  • ACE students are involved in the community!
  • During the summer following the 11th grade, students are provided with an internship related to architecture, construction, trades, or engineering fields to improve employment skills.  Students are also provided mentoring opportunities from field experts.


9th Grade                                  10th Grade

*Core - English 1-2                                               Core - English 3-4
*Core - Biology 1-2                                               Core - Environmental Science
*Core - Exp. Rdg or Lit Wkshp                               Core - Modern World History
Core CTE Wheel (Sem of Arch/Const/Eng)              Core CTE - Construction 1-2
Core Health (Semester)                                          ACE Major - Arch 1-2/Const 3-4 /Eng1-2
Core Physical Education                                         Math (ACE Geom 1-2 or ACE Alg II)
Math (ACE Alg 1-2 or ACE Geom 1-2)                    Foreign Language
*Courses combined will meet the                           PE/Athletics
LBUSD Graduation Requirements


11th Grade                                12th Grade

Core - English 5-6                                                 Core - Rhetoric & Composition
Core - ACE Chemistry                                            Core - ACE Government & Economics
Core - US History                                                   Core - ACE Physics
Core CTE - Architecture 1-2                                  Core CTE - Engineering 1-2
ACE Major - Arch 3-4/Const 5-6/Eng 3-4             ACE Major - Arch 5-6/Const 7-8/Eng 5-6
Math (ACE Alg II or ACE Pre-Calculus)                    Math (ACE Pre-Calculus or ACE Calculus)
Foreign Language                                                  Foreign Language
AP Courses also available                                       AP Courses also available
*LBCC/CSULB/Internships/ROP/Athletics               *LBCC/CSULB/Internships/ROP/Athletics

*Must be age 16 or older                                       *Must be age 16 or older