Special Projects

Building the Mark Twain Elementary Garden

Excitement filled the air as ACE students worked side-by-side with more than 10 AIA professional architectural firms to design a perfect garden for Mark Twain Elementary . Each team brainstormed ideas and created a sketch of their vision, then the students presented their ideas to the Principal and parents of the school who later chose two winning teams.

Bob Murrin from AC Martin and Andy Hernandez from Caldwell Architects led the two winning teams with a frog-shaped pond, theatrical seating, and an attractive arched entrance with a floral trellis archway .

The participating students worked with Matt Simon, Max Pena, Tom Kelsey, and Mike Zeke to create a final sketch, then created REVIT plans, and construction began in early July.  On Feb 19th, the Press Telegram and photographer Tracy Roman were there for the dedication ceremony and the photos below.

The design, hard work, and dedication the volunteers did to make this garden happen at Mark Twain Elementary school will benefit the students as a hands on learning process where the kids can grow and harvest their own vegetables.

The Garden Team was recognized at the dedication ceremony! Congrats to Jose Barajas, Elizabeth Flores, Jocelyn Guzman, Erika Meza, Edward Rios, Mariana Perez, Eric Silva, Ivan Moreno, Josue Rivera, and Tupesina Tautolo.

Integrated Earthquake Projects - 10th grade

ACE 10th graders learned about earthquake movement and risks in their environmental sciences classes.  They then calculated seismic strength with the Richter Scale in their math classes.  In their construction classes, they built models using innovative construction techniques and tested them on a vibration table, to see where their buildings received the most stress.  Most houses had little to no damage!