Why are Partners So Important?

THEY SERVE AS MENTORS: ACE Partners work directly with students during mentoring programs, where they train students in a variety of career options while building meaningful relationships.

THEY SHARE PERSONAL EXPERTISE: Partners work with students in small groups on building projects and share current practices and knowledge in their field.

THEY GIVE CAREER GUIDANCE: Partners help expand the student thinking into career areas they would have never been exposed to.  Through Partnerships, ACE students experience both traditional and non-traditional career options through school presentations by experts, field experiences, and internships.

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THEY PROVIDE CRITICAL SUPPORT FOR THE A.C.E. ACADEMY: Partners make field experiences and special programs for students possible through donations of time and money.  Partners say they get great personal satisfaction from watching students grow in their skill set and know that they are contributing in a real way to the future by helping to create skilled workers for an increasingly technological world.

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Vision for 2012-13

Building even stronger partnerships for Advisory and establishing a network for student job shadows, internships and teacher externships.  This is a very important next step for ACE students in the development of their postsecondary planning.

Other areas for Partners to be involved:

Grade Level Projects – ACE Teachers / Melissa
  • Partner input / project mentoring
  • Provide Professional Work Samples of job bids, formal presentations (PowerPoint), models, materials boards, blueprints, etc.  We need professional samples to model for our projects!
  • Dates will be provided once school begins!

Community Building Projects – CTE Teachers / Melissa
  • Provide Mentoring and Job Shadowing experiences, work with the students to design and build projects
Professional Development – ACE Teacher Training
  • Oct / Nov ACE Teacher Training Day in ACE-related fields
  • CTE / Trades Integration / WBL in Academic classes
  • Teacher Externships – Have an ACE teacher shadow you for ½ or full day to gain insight into the demands and requirements of your field and identify the natural connections with their subject area to develop integrated lesson plans that include work-based learning concepts.
Linked Learning Recertification – Next Year
  • Spark up the Advisory – We need you to represent during certification and show our strength as a team who are truly vested in our students and their future.
  • Representation during the visit – The visit will be in the spring –TBA
In Development: Industry Workshop Series

Develop a college/career workshop series to help students maximize their postsecondary options.  Topics include: Interviewing – How to get a job?, What makes a good candidate for a job, How is math connected to ACE-related careers?, Work-Readiness Credential, and topics focusing on better preparing females for non-traditional careers, work ethics and professionalism, etc.

Next Advisory Board Meeting:

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23rd , 2012             11:30AM in the ACE OFFICE, Rm 202

Please bring Industry of Month Assignments / Information to the next meeting (if not send before) and reivew Dec/Jan/Feb to see where you can be involved or take the lead!  THANK YOU!!

How to Become an ACE Partner

Contact the ACE Coordinator:

Melissa Brookman
ACE Academy
Jordan HS, Rm 202
6500 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90805
Office: 562-423-1471 x 2336