Marisol Lopez and Alejandra Marroquin, 11th graders from the ACE Academy, have just received Boeing Internships! They are among 10 students chosen from the District to work directly with engineers at the Boeing plant on Cherry. Each student receives 10 units of high school credit and has to be at the work site at 2:30pm, 4 days a week for the whole year, with a choice of continuing in their senior year and even through college as interns.  The National Workforce Readiness Credential they received this summer through the Workforce Development Program was necessary to begin the internship.

Sky Kasper, another ACE student, has also received a similar internship for working with engineers and other professionals at the Port of Long Beach.   Congratulations to all!


Over the summer, 40 ACE students earned their National Workforce Readiness Credential, a certificated program required for work at the City of Long Beach.  A new program will be starting at the end of October - see Mr. Zeke for details! Students had to be accepted into the Workforce Development Program at Youth Opportunity Center and then complete a 30 hour course with a 5 hour test to receive their credential.  Each student then had the opportunity to receive a stipend for working at least 41 hours of work for the city.  Another 20 students JUST finished the program 2 weeks ago.