Dual Enrollment


We are so proud of our ACE Juniors and Seniors who ae participating in the Dual Enrollment courses! The students are tasting the college experience and having fun. Course experiences include research papers, ELM preparation, guest speakers, college tutors and working with adults with similar interests.  For the CSULB students, we have the fun on the bus, tutoring on campus AND the offical CSULB ID cards and its privileges.

  • Twenty-five students are enrolled in Introduction to Engineering at CSULB
  • Twenty-two students are enrolled in carpentry 415A at LBCC

Dual Enrollment Requirements

  • 2.0 GPA with strong math/science
  • Social Security number required
  • Attendance is Mandatory
  • Transportation is provided
  • Age 16 and older

Don't miss out...get SERIOUS about your schooling and your future!