College Readiness

A.C.E. wants to increase student awareness of what it takes to get to college and what college can do for their lives and make sure students are properly counseled into A-G classes. Our goal is to create students who are scholastically and emotionally ready to enter college when they graduate, if they so choose, and positively contribute to local and global communities.

For students who want to step up to a challenge, Jordan HS offers many Advanced Placement (AP) college-credit courses in a variety of content areas . Teachers of AP students all attend College Board Summer Institutes to learn the content, rigor and specific strategies needed to support student success.   The A.C.E. Academy is also in a unique position to offer students the ability to take specialized college courses right on the Jordan Main Campus through a partnership with CSULB and the LBCC School of Trades & Industrial Technologies.

Data from the UC system show that students who take AP courses and the National Exam in high school significantly increase their chances of acceptance into a California University; at least doubling their chances of finishing all 4 years of college and choosing a more difficult major, such as engineering or architecture.

Scholarships for Minorities

HEENAC Viva Technology Scholarships: Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference

Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships

The Ayn Rand Institute:Essay Contests (gifts  for educators, as well)

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

American Political Science Assoc: Networking a world of scholars

Cornell University Graduate School: Diversity  fellowships

Black Alliance for Educational Options/Scholarship Information

ScienceNet: Undergraduate Scholarships

World Learning: Study Abroad Scholarships

Multiple List of Minority Scholarships

Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students

College Scholarships for All Minorities