Architecture is the heart of construction.  The architect creates the design and initial drawings for the building that the engineers, contractors and all trades must have to work on the project.  It covers both the creative and technical aspects of construction for the entire project.  Architects also often provide the supervision for the construction of the project.  Students will be a part of a small learning community.  Parents will be encouraged to join in various activities and all ascpects of their son or daughter's learning.  All courses will be taught in REVIT Architecture software, which is quickly becoming the software of choice for professional architects.


Most of the student's architectural work will be done in the new state-of-the-art computer lab on campus. Students will participate in field experiences and visit job sites frequently. Students will also design a basic residential building with environmentally sound technology (Green Building) and build a solar-powered project.  ACE students will create basic plans for home construction as well as plans for a student "dream" home and other projects throughout the year.


Based on ACE training and additional technical training, the following careers are a sampling of goals you can achieve:

  • Drafting Technician

  • Architect

  • Contractor

  • Construction Manager

  • Home or Interior Designer

  • Urban Planner

  • Zoning Adminsitrator

  • Historic Preservationist

  • Landscape designer

  • A variety of fields of technical work in construction