About A.C.E.

What is A.C.E.?

The Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (A.C.E.) Academy of Long Beach is a school-within-a-school supported by Mayor Bob Foster, the Long Beach Unified School District, and multiple industry and community partners.  This unique program provides guest speakers, fieldtrips, internships and partnerships with industry professionals and businesses.  Whether you choose technical/trade school, college, university, or go directly into the workforce, ACE offers skill preparation and hands-on training for you!

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A.C.E. will prepare me for the future...

The ACE Academy prepares students for the high demands and challenges of conceptualizing, designing, building and maintaining structures.  In addition, students will sharpen their soft skills and build a personal resume including work experience.  The ACE Academy curriculum is designed to prepare students for college and for entry-level careers.  All ACE students are involved in mentoring programs and internships are provided for 11th and 12th grade students.

Why Should I Enroll in A.C.E?

ACE will prepare me for college...

All courses in the ACE Academy meet the University of California a-g requirements while preparing students for entry-level careers, technical certifications, apprenticeships, community college, or university programs.  All classes are exclusive to ACE Academy students and are now staffed at 30:1.

Students are also involved in the community!  Upon graduation, students will have completed the 40 hour service learning requirement and several will be eligible for the 250 hour medallion.  This rigorous program connects relevant academics with applied skills for a complete learning experience.  ACE provides tutoring, extra-curricular activities, and opportunities for students to give back to the community.

What Are My Options After A.C.E.?

ACE students are prepared for entry-level jobs, apprenticeships, technical and trade certification programs, community college, and university options.  Students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with local professionals and learn from field experts.

We also look forward to alumni participating as mentors and trainers for new ACE Academy students.  Active alumni will be able to network with colleagues and partners and receive post-graduation support.

How Do I Apply for A.C.E.?

Download and complete the application here.

Print out the completed PDF application (it cannot be saved) and send it (including your attached drawing) to the following address:

ACE Academy
Attention:  Melissa Brookman
6500 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90805