Welcome Back!

I am very proud of the continuing accomplishments of ACE.!   Last year, ACE took first place in several competitions, had more students pass CAHSEE the first time than Jordan overall, raised the overall academic gpa of ACE, improved ACE attendance, and completed several projects in the community.This year, ACE is continuing its committment to community service with Habitat to Humanity.

I want to thank our ACE staff for helping our students prepare for their future careers.  Providing our students with the opportunities to explore ACE-related careers is foundational for their success after graduation.  Each fieldtrip, integrated project, and lesson that connects academic and CTE curriculum takes time and careful planning, and for that we all thank you!

Love you,  Ms. B

CRITICAL: Student Program Surverys

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  • ACE 10th & 11th Graders: Magic Mountain, Saturday, May 11, 2013

  • ACE SENIORS ONLY:  Disneyland, Saturday, March 2, 2013


Exciting News!

Not sure where to go to college?  Wonder what life is like living in the dorms?

I can’t tell you all the surprises…..you will just have to trust me!
Apply today for a 5-day college tour highlighting CS/UC and Private colleges offering Architecture, Construction and Engineering degrees. We will travel by plane and van, stay in nice hotels and live on the road together! You will work on your 10-year plan, review transcripts,
complete applications and draft a resume, cover letter and letter of recommendation, and learn what
the good life requires!!!

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Assistant U.S. Secretary Visits ACE and AIMS Academies.

LBUSD Newsletter November 2, 2012

Left to RightACE Senior, Viririana Manzo, AIMS Junior, Joseph Apodaca, Dr. Brenda Dann-Messier, AIMS Senior, Rathney Min  BACK ROW: ACE Alumni, Edwin Chinchilla, AIMS Junior, Jalisa Sanders, AIMS Senior, Christopher Zermeno



Jordan High Schoolʼs AIMS and ACE career academies have captured the attention of national officials, including Assistant U.S. Secretary for Education Brenda Dann-Messier, seen here visiting with Jordan students. Dann-Messier, nominated by President Barack Obama in 2009, leads the Education Department’s career and technical education efforts. She oversees 11 grant programs totaling over $1 billion annually and is seeking legislative approval for an additional $1 billion in funding for high school career academies like AIMS and ACE. The academies are being used as the model for a new national project.


Marisol Lopez and Alejandra Marroquin, 11th graders from the ACE Academy, have just received Boeing Internships! They are among 10 students chosen from the District to work directly with engineers at the Boeing plant on Cherry. Each student receives 10 units of high school credit and has to be at the work site at 2:30pm, 4 days a week for the whole year, with a choice of continuing in their senior year and even through college as interns.  The National Workforce Readiness Credential they received this summer through the Workforce Development Program was necessary to begin the internship.

Sky Kasper, another ACE student, has also received a similar internship for working with engineers and other professionals at the Port of Long Beach.   Congratulations to all!


ACE Volunteers Work With the Mayor and Dr. Camerino

Our Mayor, ACE students, faculty and Habitat for Humanity voluteers worked side by side  with the Lopez family on July 20th to construct a wonderful home. Students put up dry wall and have been volunteering their time on all aspects of contruction since the foundation has been poured.  Congratulations on finishing another stage of a classic craftmans' style building that will provide a new home for the Lopezes and their 3 children.